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ECooking, compact Italian kitchen for micro city apartments


With urban homes getting smaller and smaller, city dwellers can’t afford to set a regular, full-scale kitchen, due to cramped living area, to try and polish their cooking skills. Providing a solution for compact homes, the “ECooking” by designer Massimo Facchineti is an innovative column-kitchen that incorporates almost all the basic cooking equipment,  required in a regular kitchen, and that too in a compressed setup.

Integrating induction cooktops, oven, fridge, sink, dishwasher and espresso maker, the little kitchen unit also incorporates multi-stage water filtration and an herb garden that makes use of filtered grey water for watering your herbs and plants. In addition, the ECooking comes built-in with ventilation and UVA light for your herb garden, together with a counter surface that provides dining space for a small family of six members. Produced by Clei, the ECooking column-kitchen is expected to be available mid 2014.

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