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Teenage girls room decorating ideas

Teenage girls room decorating ideas

When your daughter approaches her teen years, she may not like the décor of her room, which she likes as a kid. You might often find her complaining that her room looks too childish for her age. Well, that is the exact time for you to think bout changing her room decor. Decorating a teenage girl’s room is not an easy task, but that is not overwhelming or daunting too. To start with, you must communicate with her and get to know about her likes and dislikes, her choice of adding specific elements to the room, her preferences of colors and themes she wants in her room and a lot more.

  • Paint  the  room with cheerful colors

If you are going along with  a particular theme for the teenager’s room, make sure that you paint the walls accordingly. If not then you can pick bright, lively or cheerful colors for painting the walls of her room. Colors like light mauve, peach, turquoise, yellow, mint or rosy pink are mostly a girl’s favorite. So, you can pick any of these to paint her room, as these cheerful colors will always uplift her mood and bring in positivity. If black, gray, burgundy or brown happen to be her favorites then instead of painting the walls with these dark colors you can always accessorize her room with these colors. For instance you can add a chick black comforter or a dark brown rug with light patterns.

  • Add furniture

The first thing under the furniture category is the bed. You can choose any type of bed for her room but make sure the bed fits into the space assigned for the sleeping purpose. A chair and desk with plenty of desk drawers and enough top surface will provide the area for her study. Also don’t forget to add a bean bag chair or a loveseat for her friends to sit.

  •  Keep the room organized

Last but not the least, keep on insinuating the habits of neatness and keeping things organized in your teenager’s character, especially when she has just entered into her teenage. Keep a trash can in her room where she can throw away her unwanted things and also make sure that she empties it every day. Give her a storage bag or bins made of fabric or plastic to keep school papers, trinkets, jewelry, make up and other things that she often uses. To organize her closet, provide a series of hooks and hangers where she can comfortably hang her clothes. Fix shelving units on the walls to let her keep her magazines or other objects. Let her store the items that she does not frequently use in decorative low boxes and keep them under  her bed.

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