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Tips to choose the right window treatments

Tips to choose the right window treatments

Window treatment is one of the important aspects of your home décor. A well decorated window will always accent the beauty of a room and will also reflect your personal taste to your guests. A right window treatment will change the room’s mood, maximize privacy  as well accentuate the outside view. A wide range of window treatments is readily available on the shelves. But before choosing one, there are a lot of things to be kept in mind. A few important factors are discussed further.

  • The purpose of window treatment

The window treatment for a window is not always necessary for the décor of the room. Selecting a right window treatment is also determined by the purpose of the room. For example for your kitchen windows you would like to go with a light hue of a lighter fabric curtain as these can provide ample natural light in the kitchen and also are easy to wash. While for your bedroom, you would choose a dark color of shades or sheer panels to maintain privacy  and provide a soft, romantic and relaxing aesthetic.

  • The function of the window

The next thing to be kept in mind before opting for a particular window treatment is the way you will be utilizing your window. Will your window be used for a cross-breeze or as a source of natural light or just for the beautiful view outside? Before picking the right window treatment, these questions must be answered.

  • The privacy should be kept in mind

One essential thing that a window treatment is opted is for maintaining privacy in a room. The window treatment that you choose should maintain privacy in your home, and also be comfortable and easy to manage.

  • The décor of the room should also be considered

You must also keep the décor of the room in mind while selecting the window treatment. Whatever you choose should match perfectly with the room.

 Out of various types of window treatments, few are discussed below:

  •  Curtains and draperies

Curtains and drapes are the most common types of window treatments. From lighter fabrics to heavier, you can choose from any one you think would be appropriate for  your room. You can also get a wide range of designs, colors and pattern in these types of window treatment.

  • Window Blinds and shades

Another sophisticated window treatments are blinds and shades. Either of horizontal or vertical window blinds can be used to give a modern touch to your  room. The blinds are available in different materials like wood, bamboo, jute or paper giving  a cozy look to the décor of your room. You can also go with sheer or roman shades to add to the charm of the room.

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