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Best lighting ideas for small kitchens


Kitchen is one of the most used and necessary place of any accommodation. Most rental flats and houses come with at least a small kitchenette. Small kitchens need proper lighting just like the big and spacious kitchens. The right lighting will not only make the kitchen a better place to work in but also make it easier for you to find and keep things. A chunk of your day is spent in the kitchen and it has to be well organized so you can save time yet cook sumptuous meals. Lights, when used creatively, can create an impression of more space and elegance. More people are becoming fans of gourmet cooking at home and choosing cooking as a hobby. That is why selecting proper illumination for your kitchen has become more important. The right lighting is also needed for maintaining kitchen hygiene.

Hang them up

In a small kitchen, there is a scarcity of space to arrange proper lights around so the best thing you can do is get the lights hang from the ceiling. Get a contemporary looking chandelier to illuminate the main isle. A series of equally spaced lights hanging from above can help light the entire kitchen moderately. It also looks innovative and classy.


Light the cabinets

Get soft yet bright lights fixed below the cabinets. In small kitchens people usually use modular cabinets. The cabinets contain all the essential cooking utensils and kitchen appliances. Lighting the cabinets from below will help you find things easily without hassle. The xenon bulbs are both cost effective and user friendly. This looks good without causing any distraction. Too much light, placed irregularly can cause disturbance in times when you need to work with concentration at your kitchen. Get lights for big cabinets so that finding things become easier and less time consuming.


Create an ambience with proper lighting

You can create an ambience of opulence and charm with the help of proper lighting. You can get lights in different shapes and size. Fix them at convenient nooks and corners from where the light spreads everywhere. Make sure to light the isles and places where you work most. Recycled cans containing bulbs and light pendants look beautiful. When someone comes to your home and enters your kitchen they should be able to feel the ambience through the lights and notice places you would like them to notice.

Creative Lighting

If you want to add a special charm to your kitchen then you should try different colored lights. Get the lights fixed high up on the walls and get them focus on different parts of the kitchen. Spot lighting can be used along with usual lights for accentuating a special spot or a decoration you want to emphasize.

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