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How to select the washing machine that you actually need


Whether its commercial or residential sectors, washing machines are in high demand, especially because they reduce time and effort spent on washing clothes. But that doesn’t mean that you should just simply buy one. Selecting a washing machine shall be a brainstorming process, where you should consider a variety of options before jumping onto conclusions. Here are some tips that you can follow before you choose a washing machine.


Choosing between top or front loader

A lot of your electricity bill, water usage and cleaning depends upon your choice of top load or front load washing machine. A front loader washing machine generally uses only one third to half of the water used in top loader. Therefore, it saves water and electricity. It doesn’t even have agitators which makes it gentle on clothes. But at the same time, the price of a front loader is almost twice as that of a top loader.


Capacity shall be determined on the basis of your family size and the number of clothes you plan on washing. You can get yourself a large washer but smaller load, but it is better to choose smaller one as it’s is more effective. Space is also a constraint; therefore check beforehand how big or small of a washing machine can fit into your basement or laundry room. You can also buy a drier of similar capacity to complement your washing machine or buy the one which already comes with a dryer.

Stainless steel or plastic

If you have a large family or you plan on washing too many clothes, then it is obviously more practical to choose for a stainless steel tub as it can withstand more in terms of capacity. On the other hand, plastic or porcelain tubs are cheaper and ideal for families that do not have much load. But they aren’t really sturdy enough when compared to steel tubs.


Additional features

If you are in a colder climate, then it is a good option to buy a washer with automatic temperature regulation. So, you don’t really have to wash your clothes in freezing water. Similarly, many machines come with cycle options, wherein you can decide soaking, rinsing and sanitizing time for the clothes. If you aren’t going to keep your machine in the basement, then it is good to choose a noise free or insulated washing machine for noise reduction.

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