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Key things to know before you buy a vacuum cleaner


You may or may not like to clean but a vacuum cleaner has to be present in your house. It is one of the most commonly bought home appliances. Though common this appliance is not inexpensive. When you buy a vacuum cleaner you need to know some important facts and consider some crucial points to make your investment safe. Houses where carpets are used need to be cleaned with vacuum cleaners because the carpets attract dust of all sort and start looking muddy and unclean very easily. Using vacuum cleaner keeps your home clean and safe from harmful bacteria and mites. Allergies are caused by dust and can cause irritation. With young kids around you must keep your house clean. The vacuum cleaner goes underneath the furniture and behind the cabinets. The things that you should keep in mind while buying a new vacuum cleaner are discussed in this article.



Goals and Objectives

The purpose of buying the vacuum cleaner should be clear for you. Ask yourself, which areas you would like to clean. The room size and the nooks and corners should be considered. Think how difficult is cleaning your house without using a vacuum cleaner. The number of rooms and the amount of work that need to be done are necessary points that you must consider before buying vacuum cleaner. There are two types of vacuum cleaner that you will get in the market. The commercial vacuum cleaners are more costly and powerful. The vacuums for residential cleaning purpose are not as costly.


Different types of vacuum

If you have never bought vacuum cleaner before then it might be difficult for you to understand the classification of vacuum cleaners. There are mainly three types of vacuum available in the market. The upright vacuums are good for cleaning big spacious rooms that have both carpeted and hard stone or wood flooring. They are not as useful in cleaning the nooks and stairs or the area below furniture. The stick vacuums are very convenient as the parts can be separated and stored easily. The canister vacuum is best for you if your house or apartment is small or if the areas you need to clean are not spacious.

Power and Functionality

The power of your vacuum must be checked before you buy it. To measure the amount of electricity that flows through the vacuum in a unit amount of time is measured by Amps. More Amps ensure better and improved performance. Buy a vacuum with Hepa a filter that not only clean the dust but also cleans the breathable air in your rooms. It separates the dust particles from the air before pumping it back into the room. 

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