MagScapes’ magnetic wallpaper adds fun to your walls

It’s always fun to fix those reminders, family photographs and shopping lists onto the door of your fridge with the refrigerator magnets, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The fridge magnets liven up the looks of the fridge and add to your kitchen décor. Now, how about using every wall of your house to showcase your child’s artistic creations and other reminders? Enter MagScapes’ magnetic wallpaper, which comes embedded with ferrous particles that allow the magnets to stick to them. Safe to use, the MagScapes wallpaper can be cut easily to be fixed onto the walls with the MagScapes’ ready mixed paste.

For $133, you can have a 16-foot roll of the MagScapes’ magnetic wallpaper. With these lightweight wall coverings, you can transform every inch of your living space into a fridge door with magnets.

Via: Gizmodo/Design-Milk

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