Home Furniture Junk Tree by JDS Architects sees ‘junk’ differently

Junk Tree by JDS Architects sees ‘junk’ differently

With more and more people going green these days, designers and architects from world over are trying to incorporate eco friendly elements into their designs. JDS/Julien De Smedt Architects is a multidisciplinary office dealing architecture and design, and one of their interesting and captivating creations is the Junk Tree, which aims to visualize junk in a new, innovative way. Primarily an accessory holder, the Junk Tree has been designed in the shape of colorful CNC cut PMMA tree. Junk here does not refer to the things we find in the junkyards, but to the collection of things/accessories inside our homes that are not needed all the time and may or may not be thrown away in the near time.

The Junk Tree is meant to hold all your accessories like writing instruments, glasses, scissors, fasteners and keys, which are necessary, but do not necessarily need a special display case or space. JDS runs offices in Copenhagen, Brussels and Brazil, and work closely with corporate, government and private clients.


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