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Five weirdest yet coolest designs of chandeliers

by DrPrem Jagyasi


You may have seen and appreciated various wonderfully created chandeliers. However, some people have thought of certain crazy styles for these chandeliers, which you might find strange or weird. Even though these chandelier styles reflect craziness, these are undoubtedly creative. Check out a few of these weird yet beautiful chandelier designs.

Bike Chain Chandelier

Inspired by the Victorian style, Carolina Fontoura has literally turned some greasy bike chains into a marvelous piece of lighting that can be used in any lavish setting. This Mexican-Brazilian artist has very uniquely thought of using bicycle chains to create a royal-style chandelier. Nobody would think that a rough bike chain could ever display such grandeur. This bike chain chandelier can light up just any of the finest dining rooms.

Antler Chandelier

Without harming any animals, SuperOrdinate has designed an exclusively strange chandelier. Its design has been created using deer antlers that are not real but made of ceramic. The tips of deer antlers have been affixed to small light bulbs that make the chandelier glow in a sophisticated manner. It would look classic above any modern dining place. You may also get this strange yet beautiful chandelier in a smaller size or in the form of wall sconces.

Milk Crate Chandelier

Could you believe that a milk crate can also be turned into a chandelier? Yes, it is true that some shipping containers have been used to create spectacular chandeliers. It turns out to be a strange but interesting way to create a lighting device. When these colorful milk crate chandeliers are used in a room, some special light pattern can be observed on the ceiling and walls.

Sticker Chandelier

This weird piece of creativity would appeal people who love quirkiness. It is created in a way that it somehow gives an impression that your small old lamp on the ceiling is casting the shadow of a large chandelier. If you have some extra money, try a sticker chandelier that is available for $130.

Silverware Chandelier

Nobody would want to have dinner on a table under the knives and the forks. Yes, this silverware chandelier presents the same. There are spoons, rounded knives and forks woven to form a weird chandelier. Even though you may not want to hang it on top of your dining table, you would surely agree to the fact that it looks fabulous. May be, a kitchen island is the right place for it!

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