Brighten up your living room walls by choosing the right wallpaper


Exclusive and stylish wallpaper can bring life to your living room. You can also cover any kind of flaw or imperfection on your wall using the right wallpaper. Along with a cosmetic removal, it helps in improving the interior design of your main room. You and your guests would feel happy sitting in a nice and bright room that is well-decorated using high-quality wallpaper. However, there are a few factors to consider while selecting the right wallpaper to give the required look to your living room. Check out how you can choose the right texture, color and theme for your new wallpaper.

Determine a suitable material

Wallpapers come in varied materials, such as cotton, foils, grass cloth, vinyl, etc. You should select the material that fits well with your personal requirements. For example, if you have children or pets at home or your house remains humid, then you should opt for vinyl-coated wallpaper. It is good for a high-traffic area and is easier to clean. While foil, flocked or textile wallpapers look more stylish and attractive, they are difficult to keep tidy and clean. Vinyl is the most commonly used wallpaper for living rooms. If you want more durability, choose solid or fabric-backed vinyl as wallpaper materials.

Choose the right style

As wallpaper is a key piece of decor in a living room, choose its style carefully. Select the style according to the general mood you wish to create in your living room, as you cannot keep altering your wallpapers every other day. Look at the placement and style of your living room furniture and decor so the right style and placement for the wallpaper can also be decided accordingly.

Select an appropriate color

You should select colors after considering the entire concept of interior design in your living room. Go for subtle shades and designs for an elegant look. On the other hand, you should go for bright and colorful designs if you wish to cheer up your room.

Go for the right design

You may try some artistic patterns if trying to reflect diversity in your room. According to your personal spirit and the theme you wish to create, you may choose anything ranging from a still life image or portrait to a landscape or bold design. Geometric and large-scale designs go very well with a contemporary look. However, the modern trend is to go for floral or stripe designs, along with metallic accents that offer depth to a design.

Check the prominence

You may choose to put wallpapers in the whole room or just on the accent wall. Your style and colors can get a little bolder if you are putting the wallpaper only on the accent wall. In addition, check how your selected wallpaper would match with other visible areas on your room. Choose the right wallpaper that fits the whole scene of your living room.

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