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How to decorate your home by recycling items

by DrPrem Jagyasi


You would simply want to dump several types of items at your home. However, these could be made to good use by recycling. If you had not given a thought to it, consider it now. Check out these items from a creative point of view and think of using them for home decor. Many items would be able to save your money on home decor purchases. Read on to know more about some interesting ways to recycle some of these items into home decor.

Make throw pillows from old fabrics

Buying new pillows from a store can cost you a lot, while you can easily recycle some of your old t-shirts and sweaters to make some inexpensive throw pillows of your choice. Select some soft and comfortable t-shirts with nice designs. On the t-shirt you choose, trace a square shape of about the size that you want for your pillow. Cut out two different squares while keeping the sides of the t-shirt joined. Make a comfortable stuffing and sew both the open sides of your t-shirt. It is as easy as that to get a nice pillow of your liking.

Build a planter from used boots

Do not throw away your old boots. You may save them to give a new life to some plants. You can actually turn these boots into planters. All you need to do is to use a wax paper to provide an inner lining to your boots. Then, you can fill three-fourths of them with soil and place a plant in each boot. Cut down the excess wax paper coming out of the boots. Put potting soil on the top and then some water in each boot. Now, you can keep your new planters in sunlight.

Make placemats from old cards and pictures

If you have several greeting cards and discarded pictures, turn them into useful placemats. Just select your favorite designs and cut them in the required shapes. You may cut them into circles or squares and then play creatively while pasting them in layers over a construction paper. Later, you can cut glued placemats in the desired shapes and sizes.

Create artwork from guitar strings

When you change the strings of your guitar, avoid throwing the old ones. Use your creativity to turn them into a piece of art, such as a centerpiece of gift item.

Build baskets from old drink cartons

Your waste drink cartons are not actually a waste. You can try sewing them in a row and then weave them into beautiful baskets. You can also try making a birdhouse or picture frame from those old drink cartons. Such simple items can beautifully decorate your house.

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