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Five ideas to build an outdoor living room

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Outdoor living rooms add a lot of value to a residential property. What they also do is that they allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces as much as they use rooms indoors. Here are five ideas that help you get the most functionality out of an outdoor living space.

Create a coverable ceiling over seating spaces

Coverable trellises and retractable coverings etc. help keep your outdoor space habitable even during the rainy season or when the sunlight is too hot to sit in directly. A colorful covering can help make your outdoor space look bright even during dull overcast or rainy days as well.

Outdoor fire pits add warmth during colder months

An outdoor fire pit can make your outdoor living room habitable during late autumn, early spring and even right through the winter.  Not only will it make your outdoor living room look splendid, it will also help you appreciate the natural beauty of colder months that you usually miss out on when holed up by the fireplace in an indoor living room. To get more function out of your outdoor fire pit, you should look out for one that allows you to roast marshmallows or other foods on it as well.

Outdoor kitchens make entertain easy

If you like to cook and entertain guests at home, your outdoor living room should include a small outdoor kitchen to go with it. This outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be too fancy though combing one with your outdoor living room can help you save having to setup a separate cooking and dining space.

Mood lighting adds drama to outdoor living rooms

Outdoor lighting also attracts plenty of outdoor bugs when they are exposed. However, lighting that is embedded under seating or within plants and foliage can help create a dramatic and romantic ambience in your outdoor living space.

Add a water feature for a serene look

Pick a water feature that is suited to the local climate to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor living space. You can pick a small fountain if you like the sound of trickling water or even put in a koi pond if your local climate doesn’t get too cold for fish in the winters.


Outdoor living rooms help extend your indoor living space outside the home as well. They help you get the most out of a property with a backyard or balcony and help you enjoy lounging and entertaining at home.

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