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Five ways to decorate your home with vintage finds

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Vintage is huge in interior design these days. Whether you hare decorating with hand me downs that have been in your family down the generations or flea market finds that you have collected through your travels, decorating with vintage items can refresh your décor easily. Here are a few key ways in which you can decorate your home with vintage items.

1. Display your vintage finds in one place

A lot of people like displaying their vintage finds in one place instead of having them displayed all over the place. This also helps keep delicate items neatly in one place too.

2. Arrange by color

If you like displaying your vintage finds in one place, you can always arrange them by color to create a clear focus.

3. Mix new and vintage finds

A lot of people believe that vintage items cannot be displayed next to your new and modern pieces. That simply isn’t true. In fact, a classic vintage armchair looks fabulous in a room with an uber modern sofa set as it provides a visual contrast to the décor. You can also try using cushions and throws in modern colors and fabrics on vintage seats.

4. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way

One way to make vintage items look modern and contemporary is to cover it with a fresh coat of paint in a popping color. Use a trendy modern color like neon blue or canary yellow to give a new leash of life to a rusty chandelier you found at a garage sale or make an old set of nightstands look uber modern by finishing them with a gorgeous spring green. Chalkboard paint is another hot color to try on vintage light fixtures at the moment though you can use any matte finish to get a pristine retro futuristic look.

5. Don’t mess with distressing

One way to make vintage finds really stand out in your interior scheme is to use them with minimal change. This is especially true for furniture and lighting fixtures. In fact, the more distressed these look the better they are at depicting the era they belong to. If you are worried about wooden furniture leaving you with splinters, you can always throw crochet or lace coverings on them.


Vintage items add a lot of character to your home interiors. Using them the right way can make your home look like something right out of a glossy magazine.


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