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Easy steps to keep your bathroom organized

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Keeping a bathroom organized is easier said than done. Even the neatest of person ends up with all their toiletries on the vanity counter at one point or the other. However, using a few clever tricks, you too can keep your bathroom looking well organized.

Baskets hung from towel stand

Hinged baskets hung from the towel stand or wall mounted towel rod can provide a lot of space to stash toiletries and personal appliances. This keeps everything inside the baskets within easy reach at all times. This method usually works best for small bathrooms that don’t have the space to have cabinets and shelving built in them.

Wall shelves

Wall mounted shelves are a good option for bathrooms where a lot of stuff needs to be stashed at all times. Men and women that have a lot of products can really benefit from shelves mounted on the wall. You can have these shelves mounted inside the shower or by the vanity to keep everything you need within easy reach.

Pantry style large bathroom cabinet

A pantry style large bathroom cabinet with glass doors is a great idea if you have lots of bottles and tubes of products, lotions etc. and you need to keep them all locked out of kids’ reach. A slim and tall plastic cabinet can be stood in a corner in the bathroom and all harmful products can be stored in it.

Overhead shelving and cabinets

For bathrooms that are short on floor space, overhead shelving and cabinets can do wonders. These overhead cabinets can be installed in places like the space above the bathtub, the opposite end of a shower, above or beside the vanity etc. in bathrooms with tall ceilings, shelves can be fitted closer to the ceiling and occasional use products like cleaning supplies etc. can be stored there.

Laundry hamper as fresh towel storage

If you struggle to find enough towel storage space in your bathroom, you can always use a laundry hamper with a lid for the same purpose. You just need to keep fresh towels rolled up inside to allow every member of the house to pick up their towels easily. Since the towels would be kept inside a basket with a lid, they also would not be prone to getting moist when the bathroom is filled with moisture after a hot shower or bath.


The trick to keeping a bathroom looking organized neatly is to ensure that everything has a place and that everything is in its place. When everything has a storage space assigned to it, keeping a bathroom organized becomes more intuitive.

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