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Five ways to use pumpkins in home décor

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Pumpkins don’t have to be related to Halloween decorations only. If you love the fruit and want to incorporate it into your décor through the fall, you can try the following sneaky ways and make a great all theme interior for the season.

Pumpkin tea lights

While jack-o-lanterns aren’t a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, you can still use the humble old pumpkin in plenty of other lighting options too. For example, you can carve out star patterns on a hollowed out pumpkin and use it as a tea light. You can also stick a string of Christmas lights into a carved, hollow pumpkin, hang them from the ceiling and create your own disco pumpkin light as well.

Pumpkin vases

It is a little unusual to use pumpkins as flower vases but it is an idea that can be used very successfully in outdoor décor and large spaces. You can either create one single vase out of one pumpkin or create a few by hollowing out the fruit in strategic places and sticking flower arrangements of complementary types in it.

Pumpkin centerpieces

For fall themed decors, pumpkin centerpieces work wonderfully. Of course you need to work extra hard for your pumpkin centerpiece not to look too overpowering but you can do that by keeping other fall themes items small.

Pumpkin smiley/rage faces

While the good old jack o lantern face is a very familiar décor idea, you can always use spare pumpkins to create smiley faces. Smileys are cute and inviting though rage faces are well, all the rage on the internet these days. You can even add captions to these faces and feature your favorite internet meme in your humorous home décor too.

Pumpkins as pinboards

People that like to display trinkets in bowls and glassware can always pin their smaller items on top of a pumpkin and show them off in a very unique way indeed. Just remember to ensure that the pumpkin you use is firm enough to withstand the weight of larger items. If you are a creative person, you can use your pumpkin pinboards to in patriotic displays, picture displays or even sports themed displays with ease.


Using pumpkins in your décor can add a great natural touch to your décor through the fall and provide you with an inexpensive way to create awesome and fresh looking décor items.

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