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Colors and shades that would work well for asian themed homes

by DrPrem Jagyasi


If you are thinking of painting your home based on an Asian theme, then there are certain particulars you need to know about it, starting from which colors and patterns you would need to use to get that distinct Asian look. Here are some tips that would help you choose the right paints and patterns to achieve the purpose.

Simplistic Designs

Asian themes usually follow minimalistic designs and patterns, making sure they are clutter free in the process. Try complementing the wall paint with the other elements in the room, including the wall décor, prints and furnishings. For instance, you can opt for subtle, pale shades on the wall if your furnishings and wall décor are bright, multicolored and bold. On the other hand, you can opt for a slightly bolder shade for the walls if your furnishings are subtle and neutral shaded. Consider opting for an accent wall to make it the focal point in the room, as is followed in many Asian home themes.

Green Shades

Asian themed homes contain a lot of green color in them. While dark green is not that common, you can opt for more popular shades like pale green that is said to denote peace and tranquility. Consider using this color for the study area or bedroom. You might want to make sure that it goes well with the other colors in the room/home though. Green shades would look good with colors like dark brown, pink or black while not adjusting well with colors like dark red.

Colorful Furnishings

As a general rule of the thumb, Asian themed home designs make it a point to keep colorful flowers, fabrics and prints in a room that has white colored walls. This way, the excess color would wipe out the coldness and negative energy that surrounds the white color on the walls.

Red and Orange Shades

Red and orange are considered to be welcoming colors for both guests and fortune in Feng Shui, which is why most Asian themed homes would have at least a spatter of red or orange somewhere in them. Many houses in China for example, would have doors painted a deep red or orange in order to make them move inviting.

Plum and Pink Shades

Like red and orange, plum and pink shades are also considered as lucky colors. These calming colors would also make the home look more regal and inviting. Choosing the right shade of plum or pink color for the walls is very important as too bright a shade would make the room lose its tranquility.

Yellow and Gold Shades

Yellow and gold colors signal health and longevity in Asian theme homes. Spring yellow and muted gold shades would work well with any wall color or décor while strong shades may tend to be too hard on the eye. Try to match the exact shade of yellow or gold with the other decorations in the room in order to achieve a distinct bright and pleasant look.


These are some of the more important colors and shades you need to keep in mind when deciding to follow an Asian themed décor for your home. Experiment with these colors in all the rooms of your house to see which color suits which room, making sure the color and shade also complements the other decorations in it for a beautiful, Asian look.

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