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Design a vintage bedroom

by DrPrem Jagyasi


The beauty of vintage is, it never goes out of fashion. Contrary to what many may assume , vintage just looks expensive but if you are smart and creative it doesn’t always have to cost a bomb.

Design a vintage bedroom

  • Colors – The color palette for a vintage room should be colors in muted tones. Stick to pastels , grays and whites while creating a vintage bedroom. Avoid bright bold colors. Accessorize the rooms with all the other stuff in complementary colors , all in muted shades again. It will give the whole room a dreamy romantic feel.
  • Fabrics – Add as much textured fabrics as you can in muted tones to create the vintage look. Go for lacy curtains and soft furnishings and textured sheets. Co-ordinate all the prints in the linen, cushions and rugs. Mix and match colors. If you are keeping your furniture white, go for complementary shades on the sheets and wallpaper by using peach, mauve and pastel pink. For that homey feeling create a patchwork quilt at home or hunt the local shops for one.
  • Furniture – Ornate furniture works well in a vintage set-up. Whether it be a classic upholstered headboard or an ornate shelf or even a mirror , it will add a timeless appeal and charm to your bedroom. Keep a look-out to pick up vintage items at thrift shops and garage sales .Always look beyond the current look of the item, look for what you can make out of it. An old vintage chair can work really well when it has been re-upholstered and recycled. Similarly, mantelpieces are a treasure if you can find one. Beds which have upturned legs or doorknobs which have an ornate decorative handle also have a timeless appeal to them.
  • Customize – To add a modern and contemporary touch to your vintage bedroom, customize the accessories and everything else to suit your tastes. You can repaint anything you got from a sale or stencil a motif onto the chair you got, anything at all. Get creative .
  • Florals – Vintage is very feminine and thus floral prints are the perfect choice when it comes to creating the vintage bedroom. Co-ordinate everything you put in the bedroom, from sheets to wallpapers , from furnishings to curtains in delicate floral prints and patterns , all in muted feminine tones. You can also go the traditional way by decorating only the walls elaborately and keeping the furniture completely plain as was done during the old times to create the vintage look for your bedroom.

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