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Design a retro bedroom

by DrPrem Jagyasi


The retro style is funky and eclectic. If you are a fan of retro and want to bring the good old times to your bedroom, there are a few tips how to go about it.

Design a retro bedroom

  • Go bold with the colors – Being retro ranges from bold patterns to psychedelic. It is funky and evokes a distinct feeling of nostalgia. Retro is all about loud colors and not going shy on them. Use bold colors on the walls and accents. Orange, cobalt, pink, brown, anything works well for the retro feel. You can mute them down by using teals, grays and whites. Play with colors when creating the perfect look, whether they are on your walls, sheets or rugs. You can also have bold flowery patterns or stripes on your walls. Although going minimal is not really retro, if you do not want to use too many colors, we will advise you to go for one bold color on your walls and contrast it with a mute tone of another color. Now use some great colorful accessories like a rug or a mural or sheets with bold designs on them.
  • Mix the past and the present – Not everything has to be original to be retro. Mix the old times with the contemporary to get the comfort and the funk. If you really like the headboard of a bed which is really retro but it does not go to the rest of the décor in your room or is not the right size for the room, forego that. It will just create a mess. Go for modern furniture which is inspired from the bygone eras so that you do not compromise on the comfort.
  • Accessorize – You can purchase really cool accessories when it comes to creating the retro look for your bedroom. A shiny disco ball, a rug with a groovy print, some pop-art on your walls, all work well in creating the funk. Psychedelic art on the walls or curtains work insanely well. Hang up your favorite band’s poster from the 1980’s. Purchase a 1940’s microphone or hang up records. Add drama and personality to your room.
  • Do not purchase unnecessary items – When you are looking to create a theme in your bedroom, you might tend to go overboard with the purchases simply because ‘they go well with the décor’. Avoid purchasing items just for the sake of it. Buy items only if they serve some function as well. This is the most true when it comes to buying furniture.

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