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Innovative chairs with storage options

by DrPrem Jagyasi


With space constraints a norm in every home these days, designers are trying to come up with newer ideas to design household items that can serve more than one purpose. Take these chairs for example. In addition to offering a comfortable seating option, these chairs can act as storage options and how!

The Calypso Couch

Designed by Robert Allen, this particular concept couch would be the perfect choice for all those individual who live with their laptops. The couch has two swiveling sections as well as tables. A compartment underneath the couch acts as a storage option. The cushions can also be collapsed into the base to transform into a coffee table. Not that comfortable, but pretty practical we think.

The Futuristic Chair

Designed by Maclovia, this futuristic looking chair would be the perfect spot to land on after an extremely tiring day. The chair comes with a comfortable seating option, complete with a low, ultra-cozy backrest. The arms of the chair are wide enough to act as a coffee table (on either side). And a storage option beneath helps you store all your favorite books and magazines.

The Lost In Sofa

Designed by Daisuke Motogi Architecture, the “Lost in Sofa” couch would enable you to store dozens of items in your couch without anyone even noticing them. The chair comes with hundreds of crevices that can be used to store objects. Need something that needs storing? Just stuff it into a crevice in the sofa and you are done. Of course, you would need to remember where you kept what in order to avoid pulling out all the items when searching for something.

The Modern Flex Firewood Rack

Storing firewood in the house would always be a problem during winters. But this particular design would enable you to store your firewood aesthetically as well as stylishly. The design consists of two individual parts, both made of flexible sheets of hardened steel. You can curve these sheets around the wood piles in whichever shape you want and screw the end together to set it up. The couch is available in the shades of grey, white or black.

The Three in One Couch

Take this ottoman for example. It can act as a stool aka coffee table. You can use it as a foot rest as well. If you lift the seat, you have plenty of space to store your favorite knick knacks. The ottoman has been made of a sturdy wooden frame and is covered with a leather like PU. It has been padded with foam to give it that extra softness.


If you are looking for a space saver for your home, here are some of the best space saving chairs we have come across in recent times. Check these options out and invest in the one that suits your requirements the best. 

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