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How induction cooktop can ease your cooking

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Are you a diehard foodie? Do you love cooking? The Catalyst all-in-one cooking solution is a theory that has been developed as a rescue to the food-lovers. It is an induction cooktop concept that is designed to save energy. Along with many other concepts, this one is an unsure one to be utilized well enough in time, but we can always look at the positive fronts and make ways for it. The device has a hood attached to it, a microwave oven, fryer and a cook top. A mysterious thing to figure out – the induction works in two ways – at home, while attached to a base unit in the home and at outdoors, as a detachable cook top from the main unit.


The induction cooker’s plates can slide apart to reveal the magic to all the fryers who love to relish deep fried food items. It also takes care of your health with its hood that is like a cover protection to it. The hood is powerful enough to absorb in all the oily vapours that rise up, in case you enjoy cleaning the place and washing your hands after every meal.

Why is your Gizmo a truly amazing one?

The cooktop is not limited to the four walls of your kitchen. You can freely take it out.
It’s rechargeable indeed.

Consider it a breakthrough ahead, with the futuristic plans, the battery energy capacity will be far greater than it is at present, hence proving to be a better and a more superb device that it is now.

The power and temperature controls are all touch; the buttons are flushed with the Ceran glass surface. Interactive Controls, feedback and the heat radiated work in synchronization with each other.

The device works well in the power saving. Whenever the appliance is opened or closed, the induction cooktop automatically turns on or off.

It is a space-saving, portable induction, as you can easily mount it on the walls and when closed, it can work as a puzzling wall décor for your kitchen as well.

Do not buy the “USB-charging” thing!

Charging a mobile phone from the USB takes quite a while; let go an induction.  Most large burners/cooktops have much higher power requirements. Even if an extremely thin, incredibly high-capacity battery that could deliver 120 volts at 15 amps existed, do you know how much time would it take to charge that battery off USB? This is still a mystery as to why the power requirements were not on the designer’s mind.


Induction cooktops are fast replacing the gas burners in modern kitchen, as they not only help in saving energy but also save your precious time.

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