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Stunning Swarovski studded faucets for luxury homes

by DrPrem Jagyasi


A luxurious home should only be adorned with the best Swarovski faucets. Luckily many designer companies have started using Swarovski crystals for making uniquely styled faucets. These new age faucets even have special themes. They are high on technology and have a great elegant look. You can use the stunning Swarovski faucets to give your bathrooms an instant makeover and make them look like a million bucks. This article will tell you about the most amazing Swarovski faucets in the market.

The Brick chic faucets:

These faucets can complement any modern bathroom or kitchen. Fima has created this unique range of beautiful faucets for complementing the modern bathroom décor. The designing firm researches and works hard to develop faucet concepts that are technically flawless and give an attractive appearance to every bathroom. Best quality Strass Swarovski crystal has been used to make the Brick Chic Faucets. It is not just decorative but also very durable due to the chrome plating. It is a modern faucet that conserves water and reduces energy consumption.

Persia Crystal Bath Faucets:

If you want nothing but top quality luxury in the bathroom then you need to get these beauties. They are not only luxurious but also have a regal charm which no one can ignore. Rubinetteria Giulini has designed these faucets. The Persia Crystal Bath faucets look modern yet they also have an eternal royal charm due to the presence of the specially cut Swarovski crystals. The head of the handles are made with diamond cut Swarovski crystals.

Niagara Vendome Faucets:

If you are someone who has got a very flamboyant style sense then you will love the new luxury Niagara Vendome Faucets by Marti. The Swarovski crystals used to make these unique faucets are well-polished and carefully cut. You can select this type of faucets for the bathrooms which are attached with your party banquet rooms and ball rooms so your guests are all stunned.

Himmapan Faucets:

Cotto was inspired by the mythological story of the ancient Indian forest named Himmapan where some very strange birds used to reside. The Himmapan faucets made with Swarovski crystals have been designed like the ancient birdies.

X-sense Faucets:

This is a luxury limited edition faucet has been marketed by Newform. Each and every faucet uses Swarovski crystals in a unique way. There is more than one design. You can use two or more bath faucets in your bathrooms to give it an edge.


Swarovski faucets are beautiful, useful and elegant. You can use them in your bathroom to stun your guests. Moreover, they are technically advanced.

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