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Four amazing home and kitchen appliance concepts from Electrolux

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Each year Electrolux organizes a worldwide competition where budding designers and techies get to submit their most brilliant concepts. Wonderful home and kitchen appliances have been designed and many of them have reached the market due to this annual competition arranged by Electrolux. Technology has made our lives less hectic and more pleasant. In this article you will find info about the best Electrolux home and kitchen appliance concepts.

Nutrima-Kitchen Tablet:

The Nutrima kitchen tablet is a kinetic plate that lets you cook on top of it. The fascinating thing about this cooking tablet is that it can also weigh and measure your cooking ingredients. It will also show you the amount of nutrients every ingredient and the cooked dishes have got. This makes Nutrima the ideal choice for the health conscious people. You can take this device shopping and check out how healthy your grocery items are. You can also connect with different social media sites with its help and make complaints to online consumer forum regarding the quality of different products. Foursquare is one of the social networking sites that you can get connected with and leave a comment or complement about new food products.

Electrolux Shine Washing Machine:

This very special washing machine concept was first presented at the Eurocucina 2010 in Milan. It has been designed for urban homes where space is always limited. The Shine washing machines concept was designed in two different versions a wall-mounted one and a freestanding one. The wall mounted version is for kitchen or bathroom cabinets and the freestanding models fits easily in small nooks and corners. There is a light ring on the door that indicates the washing cycles and moves clockwise when the clothes are getting washed inside.

Hand Tree:

The Hand Tree concept has been designed to curb air pollution and help people breathe cleaner air. This device can absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. It follows the basic principles of photosynthesis. It also consumes other air pollutants like sulfur dioxide, methane and benzopyrene. The LED screen shows the wearer how clean is his or her surrounding air.

3F Vacuum Cleaner:

This concept vacuum cleaner changes its shape and also its size so that you can clean different areas with ease. It has an air filter inside and makes your room smell good. You can put it in automatic mode and control it from faraway using your iPhone as well.


Electrolux has always contributed in making our life easier through their extraordinary home appliances. They design unique gadget concepts that should definitely see the light of the day.

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