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Five advanced kitchen gadgets that we all need

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Cooking daily meals seem like a tedious chore but eating out is not a worthy option. Apart from cooking, there are many other jobs in the kitchen like cleaning, dish washing, prepping for meals, making grocery lists and keeping your pantry well stocked. So much work cannot be done without some help from technology. In this article, you will find out information about five amazing cooking gadgets that will make your time in the kitchen a pleasant one.

The Cooking Stones by Ki-hoon Yoo:

Winter is the season for relishing roasted food. Many of us struggle to roast veggies and meat in an oven. You have to open the oven and then take out the tray to check on the veggies and chicken breasts. The Cooking Stones can relieve you from all this problems. It has been developed by Ki-hoon Yoo. Roasting veggies, chicken, turkey and lamb has become really easy with the help of cooking stones. The cooking stones use electromagnetic induction for producing ample amount of cooking the meat and veggies but at the same time retains their juices.

Balance Silver Kitchen Scale by Hanes Myer:

One task that you have to do very carefully inside the kitchen is to measure the different ingredients. Discard your old and boring measuring cups and replace it with the Balance Silver Scale. Hanes Myer has marketed this unique measuring system that can measure up to 2kgs of any ingredient. The measuring device uses gravitational pull to accurately measure ingredients.

Vegetable Twister by Nose Design Intelligence:

Many individuals have understood the importance of healthy eating. You should eat a lot of veggies and fruits every day but that does not mean that you cannot experiment with your food. If you love pasta, noodles and spaghetti then the Vegetable Twister can be your best cooking buddy. Put any vegetable inside this wonder machine and you will get twisted noodles of the same veggie. Nose Design has developed it so that you can add a surprise element to your dishes.

Knife Sharpener by Adam Clarke:

If you love to cook then it is essential that you maintain your cooking tools. The new Knife Sharpener designed by Adam Clarke will help you in this feat. Sharp knives can be a great help for you in the kitchen. This tool can sharpen your knives in a jiffy so that you can make the right cuts.

Knead Helper:

The Knead Helper is a wonderful tool which can help people with arthritis knead without any trouble. It has been designed by Nate Braxton. If the dough is not perfectly kneaded then the food will not be as tasty as you want it to be. Using Knead Helper will save your time.


It is necessary to buy useful and technologically advanced kitchen gadgets, so that you can prepare healthy meals at home more often. Thankfully, at present there are many great kitchen gadgets available in the market.

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