Cool and creative furniture designs for modern geeks


Geeky furniture has taken the world by storm. Inspiration is indeed a great thing and almost every piece of geeky furniture has been inspired from renowned things. In the geeky world, style and practicality are generally mutually exclusive. Below are few furniture options that will help one to geek up their home be it the bedroom, the study room or the living room. Here are five amazing geeky furniture designs:


Rubik’s cube-shaped dresser:

The geek list seems to be incomplete without the cube dresser from Rubik. This amazing chest of drawers, crafted in the shape of a cube, is truly brilliant. It boasts an amazing quality and rotates reality. The most amazing part is, the creator and designer of this geek furniture has personally shared a step by step procedure for showcasing people as to how it has been crafted together to help them make one themselves.

QWERTY couch concept:

Designed by Zo-Loft, this sofa concept has been inspired from the QWERTY keyboard. Here each key has been designed as an individual cushion, while the sofa has been made to fold flat akin to a sofa bed.

Polaroid Toilet Paper:

This is one particular item that one always needs right away. Polaroid toilet paper is a uniquely designed toilet paper holder that resembles ancient cameras. The speciality of this device is that it dispenses toilet paper just as quickly as the old style cameras.

Pacman Furniture:

If one adores Tetris, chances are one will also like Pacman. This is amongst the classic games, which one just cannot ignore. There are a couple of furniture pieces inspired by Pacman. Firstly is the Pacman Bookcase that is colourful as well as a great way for storing books. Secondly in the list is Pacman Game Chair that is a smart way of indulging in gaming sessions along with the right ambiance and feel. This chair is likely to take one back to the age of vintage games. The third in the list is the Pacman Sofa, which you can keep in the drawing room to let visitors become aware of how passionate you are about this game.


There are furniture designs that allow people to display their passion for films and games, while having unique decor items simultaneously for their home. Try these geeky pieces of furniture and discover a completely new experience.

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