Five best room decorating ideas to make your child happy


Parents are often at a fix while designing and decorating their little one’s room. They often consider it a challenging task with the assorted availability of bedding, furniture and decor themes to choose from. To help parents ease their doubts below are few best choices to ponder on for bringing a smile on their children’s face. Here are five best choices to consider:

Funky lights:

Choosing lighting arrangement that best complements the colour of the room is a vital step. Kids will love the colourful lights fixed in their room and enjoy the ambiance developed by every colour within the room. The study area should have ample lighting and the playing area can be lit with variegated colour lampshades, while the light over the bed should be kept dim.


Wooden furniture is a preferred choice for beds, closets or study table. Plastic furniture is also a good choice. The important factor to consider while choosing furniture is that it should have smooth and rounded edges to prevent the child from getting hurt. Built-in or freestanding modular wood shelves are a good pick as these are both practical and playful. Along with offering kids the access to their favourite toys, these will also teach them in keeping their room organized.

Wall arts:

Wall arts play a major role in kids’ rooms. These wall arts range from wall hangings, wall pieces, painting or stickers of their most desired cartoon characters. Canvas paintings too work wonders in adding elegance to the kid’s room walls. Depending on the gender of the child, it can include athletic and sportive designs for boys and cute and delicate floral for girls.


Parents should design their child’s room in such a way that the area is friendly for rest, study and playing. Space is essential for the child to move comfortably within the room without thumping into or hurting themselves.

Final changes:

Decor accessories are a smart way to make the room appear complete. One can use shag rugs, colourful baskets and bins, beautiful curtains, photo frames, plants, bin bags among others.


With little imagination and creativity, parents can turn their kid’s room into an area that is full of personality and charm. Here are some amazing, inspirational ideas and children will surely thank their parents for the wonderful contribution.

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