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How to enhance the glam factor of your home using carpets

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Every year new home décor trends emerge and the home decorators experiment with different decorating accessories to make your home look more gorgeous and welcoming. This year the focus is on carpets. Carpets have been used from a long time to make homes comfortable. They add a sophisticated glam to your rooms and heighten their charm.

Experienced home designers know how to use carpets to increase the depth of a room. However, you can use carpets to highlight a particular area of your room even without any help from the home designers. The carpets you select must be in sync with the rest of the décor and the furniture. Different materials are being used for making carpets so that you can easily pick one that matches the décor of your house. This year striped and patterned carpets will be a rage because they give rooms a distinct character.

With time, the designs and styles of carpets have evolved. Earlier people used to rely on the usual red or blue carpets but in modern homes, printed and textured carpets are being used quite often. For your posh little apartment, a small funky carpet with stripes will look amazing but for larger areas, you must choose carpets carefully.

There is a misconception among people that carpets make the rooms appear smaller.  However, in reality you can use carpets for maximizing the visual affect that the décor creates. Appropriate use of carpets can make your room appear bigger than it actually is. Use dark colored carpets in the areas where you and your kids will be trading most.

Choosing the right carpet is not an easy task. You should measure the floor area where you want to place the carpet. In bedrooms, you may use two different sized carpets, one for the sitting area and another at the feet of the bed. Make sure that the carpets you select blends well with the existing décor of the room. In the kid’s room, you can use carpets in the shape of a cartoon character, a giant fish or animal in vibrant colors. For the sitting area, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Contemporary designs suit modern architecture well but if you want to add a little bit of oriental charm then use colorful Persian rags. Carpets made with jute and other natural fibers are eco-friendly. Buy carpets that are user friendly and easy to clean.


Carpets are very useful accessory for decorating your home. They add a class and sophistication to the rooms of your house. Experiment with the texture, material and colors of the carpets to make your rooms come alive.

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