Five most abhorrent home decors


Home is the heart of everyone’s lives. We all want to make our home beautiful and innovative with good decoration ideas. A good home provides us energy and positivity to live. Well, people differ, so do their ideas and choices. Take a look at home decors that are too disturbing and inappropriate to be applied to a house.

1.      Doll Drawer Pulls:

This is a weird design wherein the drawer handles are made such that they resemble the body parts of a doll. You would never like to open your closets by pulling out legs, hands or arms of a doll.  The complete design that was meant for the bathroom of a young girl is extremely unsettling.

2.      Bleeding Wax Pillar Candles:
These candles are made up of two-tone candles, which are white on the exterior and red from the inside. The candles are normal to look at from a tabletop. As soon as they are lit, you can observe blood coming out from the melting candles. The sight of the false blood is very nervous and frightening to look at.

3.      Blood Bath Mat:
This blood stained and horrible to look at door mat may be impressive for either those who want to terribly shock their guests when they enter the bathroom or those who are a bit too overwhelmed by horror films and want to pay them a tribute. For most of us at least, this is very unpleasant and embarrassing.

4.      Coffee Table Coffin:
Well most of us do not think of death in our daily lives. However, this displeasing table design by Charles Constantine is enough to prove that he is an exception. The design spreads a feeling of morbidity but on the other hand can store books and other items like personal momentos.

5.      The Damned Lamp:
This lampshade is the height of mental disturbance. It is made up of human shaped ornaments that are twisted and frozen, resembling the torturous position of the men. It is designed by Lux Merx with an intention to depict the downfall of humanism from grace.


The Hitler Rug, Baby Face Tile and the Anatomical print furniture are other such weird creations that would completely overturn the concept of home decoration. Civilization should never be forgotten while decorating a house. Our home décor should be an ideal consideration of synchronism, harmony and discipline.

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