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Five most skillfully designed beds for different purposes

by DrPrem Jagyasi


What does a bed mean to you? For most us, it is a space where we can relax after an extremely hectic day and get a good night’s sleep. Well, in this post, I have talked about five ingenious bed systems, which can be utilized in a number of ways. Here we go:

Sleep Pod

The Sleep Pod from the Outbound Studios should top the list of top five resourcefully fabricated beds. It is a full-proof pod-like structure resembling the “cryogenic chambers” from fictions. The smart glass technology used in the façade of the capsule can control the light inside, while the avant-garde bed can accommodate one or two persons at a time and offer a sound sleep to them. It also comes with an advanced technology for create a comfortable setting within the pod.

Desk Bed

Well, can you guess about this exclusive bed? As the name suggests, it is a unique bed, which is equipped with a complete desk system. The entire arrangement has been made retractable in order to keep the desk absolutely separated from the bed. It means that the folded bed will remain out of sight while you are working at your desk in your home office. And when the working time is over, simply extend the bed and relax!

Swing Sofa-Cum-Bed

The swing sofa-cum-bed is a wonderful multi-functional item launched by Clei, an Italian transformable furniture systems manufacturer. The whole arrangement can be divided into two parts – a folding double bed and a large swing sofa. However, the specialty of this conception is that it can be transformed into a complete shelving system to get a perfect library in your own house. You can also fold back the bed to create an innovative wall niche while only the sofa is in use.

Luxury Bed System

HiCan has come up with its latest multi-functional luxury bed system that is packed with quite a few hi-tech features. Apart from the contemporary style of the item, you can also enjoy using attractive lights for reading, advanced sound system, gaming console attached with projector, retractable blinds, in-built personal computer, and above all customizable home automation system.

Atlantis Ottoman TV Bed

If you are looking for an ultra-stylish bed, nothing can be better than this Atlantis Ottoman TV Bed. The classy item is adorned with milky-white leather and eye-catching crystals, while its functional attributes include sleek side rails, storage right under the mattress, and a cutting-edge TV hidden near its legs.


With the advancement technology, the straight and simple designs of beds have changed a lot. Know about five ingenious bed systems that can be used for multiple purposes.

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