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Five best ‘transforming furniture items’ to deal with space crunch

by DrPrem Jagyasi


How often do you experience a space crisis in your house and wish to have a bigger apartment? A spatial home is not the ultimate solution of this problem. There are certain transforming furniture items available in the market, which can challenge your predicament and bring smile back to your face. Here are five of them:


When it comes to the best transforming furnishings for small apartments, this multi-functional Workbed easily tops the chart. It is a classy combination of a bed and a work desk, which is designed in a simple manner in order to give easy access to the users. Some other exclusive features of the item include revolving system, easy-to-flip desk surface, a flanking storage space comprising two shelves, a cabinet and a drawer, etc.

Transforming Sofa

We have already seen sofa-cum-beds, which have become quite popular now. However, have you ever heard of a single sofa that can be transformed into bed, workstation or even dining table as and when required? This exclusive “Transforming Sofa”, made of “Formica wood”, is designed attractively and can easily manage any type of space crunch. It also has a heat-resistant and scratchproof body with Naturella matte finish and interchangeable armrests.

Flaye Table

It is a true delight for people living in small apartments. The Flaye Table is a general compact table, which can reduce space crisis by being converted into a 100cm table. All you need to do is to pull it from both ends and the extended table will become visible almost instantly. Apart from this unique pullout technology, the Flaye Table also boasts of being available in as many as 23 eye-catching shades.

Boxed Furniture

As the name suggests, it is an elite item allowing us to carry our furniture in a box. Yes, the Boxed Furniture is a collection of furnishings like lamp, chairs and table, which are made of ash wood and can be folded easily to keep within a suitcase. It means, you can use them anytime anywhere. Furthermore, each of those items is adjustable as well as multi-functional so that you can use them as per your requirements.

Furniture Gym

Finally, here is the Furniture Gym, which is nothing but the dream come true to the fitness enthusiasts staying in small apartments. Even though it looks like compact workspace furniture with three separate sections, it can be easily converted into a home gym that offers no sweat! Now, just transform your desk, lamp and chair into your balance board, step bench, weight bar, skip rope, kettle ball, and other gym equipment and stay fit forever.


There are quite a few exceptional transforming furniture items that can help you manage the problems caused due to lack of space in your small apartment. This article talks about five of them in detail.

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