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Top tips to decorate your room if you want to bring a girlfriend home

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When your girlfriend is visiting your home, it’s an opportunity for you to make a good impression on her. It gets awkward if you run out of things to talk. Here are some tips that will help u to pave your way to a smooth and great conversation.

Somewhere in your place display some of your homemade sculpture, a piece of art or furniture. This will indicate to her that you have some talent in you, and if it is not that commendable, you can always make a joke about it.

If you have musical talents, keep your instrument in a place that will catch her sight. Women love musicians and you can flatter her with your talents. You will have a playful conversation for sure.

Have a kitchen that is well decorated and cool cooking appliances like Panini press, an espresso machine or an ice-cream maker to add to it. This will give her a hint that you can do more than frying an egg or make a toast. Learn few recipes and invite her over dinner in future and cook together.

Put up interesting pictures of yours and your family on a prominent wall. Interesting conversations will start when she will have a glance to those.

Have a pet in your place. Everyone knows that women love animals. If keeping a dog or a cat bothers you, at least go for a fish tank with few fishes in it. This will leave a good impression on her.

Get a wine rack with few bottles of wine. This is will give a classy look to your place. You can offer her a glass of wine and have one yourself when she is around. Sip to it while having a conversation.

Get some interesting books on topics of her interest. She will be astonished with your interest on those topics and new conversations will flourish.

Keep your things tidy. Its known that guys are not into the practice of keeping their place clean and tidy, but to give a good impression, you need to do this much.

Arrange for some fresh flowers to decorate your center table before she comes. Women have fetish for flowers and this will surely help.

Keep your garments, especially undergarments inside the wardrobe. Make sure that those are not flashing somewhere in your room to catch her sight.

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