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Top five green furniture stores

by DrPrem Jagyasi


With people becoming all the more aware about the environment and the planet, the demand for environmentally friendly products are also mushrooming. And when it applies to furniture, the very trend of going green is indeed picking up fast. Green, sustainable, environmentally friendly or eco-friendly is buzzword that we see more daily. Today furniture manufacturers are coming up with green furniture pieces that are constructed with various renewable materials devoid of sacrificing the colour or style.

With development and upgrades in technology, the designs of environmentally friendly furniture have changed a lot. Today green furniture appears as regular and great as your high-end furniture. These have become more contemporary and stylish to suit the taste of people having rich, sophisticated tastes. You can now avail modern dining sets, innovative jellyfish chairs or designer sofas for enhancing the look of your home. Below are five best green furniture stores where you can get an amazing collection of green furniture.


All upholstered, the furniture products in Viesso include benches, sofas and beds manufactured from natural elements such as jute webbing and cotton seat deck in place of common synthetic counterparts. Besides, you also possess the flexibility of choosing the style of frame, glue, stains and filling you want. They offer all natural, non-toxic choices.

Cisco Home:

They started as a continuance of the custom furniture business of designer Cisco Pinedo. In the year 2005, this designer crafted Inside Green in Cisco that embraced the exquisiteness of construction via the use of pure, natural materials, namely cotton, jute, hemp, wool batting and FSC reclaimed and certified hardwoods making elegant furniture pieces which is built to last and at the same time environmentally friendly.

Q Collection:

The furniture collection of this brand is high-end environment friendly. Their aim is to eliminate toxic carcinogens, chemicals and the main elements of reduced indoor air quality, thus you will not find wasteful materials or polluting chemicals in their products, instead every category of furniture here is chemical free and the wood is FSC certified.

Lee Industries:

Lee sofas are made using wood that is FSC-certified for water-based soy finishes, frames, organic upholstery fabric, steel coil springs that are hand-tied and recycled filling for the cushions.

Eco Balanza:

Earlier referred as the Greener Lifestyles, Eco Balanza is a Seattle-based manufacturer that develops supreme-quality furniture with every non-toxic element, such as wool, organic cotton, water-based glues, 100% solvent-free and renewable latex foam cushion.


With environmental degradation and rising pollution, protecting the environment should be one’s primary objective. Environmentally friendly furniture can help to take you a step forward in this noble source, with added flair to your abode. So, go green without any delay.

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