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Ways to add nature into your interiors

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Natural elements have been popular always with homeowners owing to the reason that decor inspired from nature’s organic appeal creates a welcoming and calm atmosphere. If you are planning to change the interior design of your sweet home, why not look upon nature for inspiration. You can think of rich woods, rustic old timers, stonework, pebbles and plants.

Often we yearn in bringing a natural feel into our home yet are unaware of the best way and place to begin. Below is a list of five magnificent ways to add nature in your interiors.

Do not forget sunlight:

When designing your interiors, you tend to forget about sunlight, which is the most affordable, beautiful and easiest natural elements. Natural light from the sun along with making your room come alive also helps in making hues pop in your wall decor and furnishings. Besides, it also helps in making you inspired and feel healthy. No matter whether you use borrowed light from the solar tubes that is extended from the roof into closets or use windows, natural light will have a positive effect in your living interiors.

Use recycled products:

With people turning eco-friendly and green living becoming the need of the hour, the use of recycled building products is becoming popular among homeowners. Right from lumber yards supplying builders and contractors with locally sourced and reclaimed wood products to railroad ties made of old wood in ceiling support beams for giving your home a rustic appeal, you can try these ideas while giving your home a makeover.

Look for wood furniture:

Wood furniture is amid the most popular owing to its noteworthy features. It is both beautiful and durable and can be carved out in any imaginable way. If your choose to give a country and rustic look to your interior then go for artisan-crafted furniture or opt for antique wood living and bedroom furniture for bringing back that nostalgia. While on the other hand, if you prefer a contemporary look, look for wood furniture having minimal lines and free from ornamentation, as this will help in creating a show-stopping look.

Go natural:

Previously the only mode of greenery that homeowners used was artificial and generally covered with thin layers of dust. However, today nature has paved its way into our interiors in the natural and real state as potted plants and flowers, which have indeed created hassle free ways of bringing in the natural appeal in our front foyer table, coffee side table or dining room table. Planting indoor bulbs in today’s era or keeping plants having low maintenance such as cactus or succulents or merely adoring our home office desk using a fresh bouquet of flowers can cheer up the room instantly.

Bring in natural finishes:

The concept of using natural finishes in the home is not something new. This concept to bring nature in every room of the interiors for many is indeed a game changer. Regardless of whether you pick organic bedding and sheets in your bedroom having patterns of rustic leaves and birds or prefer bubbling Zen fountain inside your home office, today nature can fit into any space in your life. The best way is to design your room that makes you soothed, calmed, excited or emotionally charged and experience how nature plays a crucial task in your interiors.


If you are on the lookout for design inspiration, always look up to the natural wonders, which you notice outside the window of your living room. Nature is blessed with appealing as well as architecturally stunning materials, thus take inspiration from it and welcome a calming and soothing influence to your abode.

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