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A guide to Scandinavian interior design

by DrPrem Jagyasi

A Scandinavian interior is a simple, clean and beautiful design that is inspired by nature as well as the northern climate, available to all. These interior designs are available in many guises ranging from the classically elegant interiors through midcentury modern and industrial to super-stylish futuristic digs. A Scandinavian design provides the impression of airiness and brightness. One of its chief components is its strong motivation by nature.

Natural materials:

The Scandinavian people love trees. This is welcome almost everywhere from the walls, floor to the ceiling. Countertops and wood furniture made of oak, beech and birch is a top favourite.


The color palette of the Scandinavian style rests on basic shades such as whites, beiges, light blues and natural light wood tone. Cool grey, blue textiles and white walls offers the ideal ambiance of Scandinavian interiors.


A signature trademark associated with Scandinavian designs is a clean-lined furnishing. Artistically designed chairs and sleek sofas usually feature in the Scandinavian style abodes. There exist such amazing furniture pieces from various manufacturers. From mid-century designers namely Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto and Hans Wegner stand out and furniture pieces designed by them are just amazing today as it had been when these were conceived.

Interior design:

These designs are characterized via mixing and matching vintage and modern furniture. In this style, industrial items really work well, yet only when counterbalanced with the help of some more vintage or romantic as well as mid-century pieces.


The Scandinavian accessories are uncluttered and simple. Wreaths manufactured from flowers, candles and boxwood are commonly found items. Mirrors again make for most of the natural light. Rugs, when utilized are striped often or are of small-patterned floral designs. Sweden and Denmark are renowned for their silver and glass artisans, namely Orefors and Jensen, and tabletop items must be sparingly used and reveal this simplicity.

Be eco-friendly:

Triple glazing, ground source heat pump and proper insulation for roofs and walls; all these are standard in the Swedish new builds.


Wall carpets to walls had never taken off in Sweden and Scandinavian interiors will possess a wooden, especially light floor in every room excluding the bathroom.


Scandinavian interior style is easy to maintain. Here you do not have to follow manic clean lines or clean every household item. Elegant and timeless, the Scandinavian style interior designs are continuing in attracting us with its warm, welcoming and clutter-free appeal.

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