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Make your ceiling beams sparkle with style

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Exposed ceiling beams are an excellent feature of brilliant architecture and give unique feeling. There are bizarre ceiling beam styles and types available that could be used to perfectly enhance the beauty and looks of any kind of house from modern to traditional. Here are a few types of ceiling beams that would add to charm to your place.

Dramatic: This type of beam style is a highly contrast designing between the exposed ceiling beams and the ceiling itself. While the ceiling beams are painted with high gloss paint, usually black, the ceiling is painted with a matte finish. This high contrast design is very attractive and dramatic to look at.

Contemporary concrete: This is a perfect designing option for those who desire to give their house a modern and minimalistic appearance with clean lines and exclusive urban modernity.

Edgy and exposed: to give your ceiling an industrial perfection you can incorporate steel beams and revealed electrical and ductwork. This would even be more enhancing if used with formally toned furniture.

Modern rustic: You can make your kitchen live and incredible by installing rough finished wooden ceiling planks with a raw feel to give a cozy texture to it. Several neutral colors, different textiles and surfaces when synchronized properly can change the entire look of any place.

Natural organic: This is the style where the exposed wooden beams provide and utterly natural and earthy feeling to the space. The design is inspired by nature, and is suitable for rooms where accessories such as a deer head or wooden dining chairs increase the natural beauty of the place.

Chic simplicity: A natural yet modern way to beautify your house is the use of heavily beamed wood ceiling paired with raw concrete walls and a stained concrete floor with ample natural lighting facilities. The design promotes both, balance and peace amongst the architectural lines.

Homey elegance: a room filled with lots of natural light and sophisticated furniture can be enhanced cleverly with heavily beamed dark and chunky ceiling. To change the look of the room completely you should try painting it with white.

Comfortably cottage: With a room that has vaulted ceilings, it would really create magic by dropping and revealing some ceilings. This will increase the warmth and comfort of the room as well as make it appear more spacious.


Whichever style you choose, ceiling beams when incorporated correctly will give a sense of unique subtleness to your home and make it even more eye catching.

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