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The most weird home gadget concepts

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Tech designers are so creative that they cannot just sit lazing around. They have to design things or improvise existing gadgets or daily accessories that we use. Their continuous attempts have made our lives much better, simpler, and smarter. However, some tech innovations and concepts designed by the techies are weird. These designs will probably never turn into reality or get manufactured. In the following, you will find a list of five of the most bemusing home gadget concepts.

Tocky Alarm Clock:

The Tocky alarm clock is not just weird but also the most torturous gadget that you can own. Alarm clocks are annoying but at least you can find it by the side of the bed or under your pillow and turn it off. The nightmarish Tocky alarm clock rolls away from the owner so that you cannot easily turn it off. Once your sleep is broken due to the repeated attempts at catching the clock you will not be able to go back to the deep and sweet slumber again. In the procedure, you might also injure or sprain your hands. Get it for $69 if you are masochistic enough.

Wicked Lasers Torch:

Have you ever fancied cooking your breakfast with the help of a torch light? If the answer is positive then the Wicked Lasers Torch is perfect for you. This torch offers 4100 lumens of light to the users and can probably boil water if you have a little patience. The battery will last you no more than 5 minutes but in that 5 minute you can set your home at fire easily.

iCarta iPod Toilet Paper Holder:

The iCarta is a stylish toilet paper holder, which comes with an iPod. God knows what made the designers think of such a useless and weird tech combination. You can get it in exchange of $65. 99. The next step is probably an app, which will act as a toilet paper.

Chili Bed:

Chili Bed concept is awesome but at the same time a bit creepy. It is a mattress that can be warmed or cooled for comfort of the sleepers. If two people are sleeping on the bed, they can cool or warm their sides without disturbing the other. The highest temperature you can get is 118 degree Fahrenheit and the lowest is 48 degree Fahrenheit.

Burglar Blaster:

The Burglar Blaster is an alarm that literally blasts on your face and burns your eyes with pepper spray. Once you set it off you will have only 40 seconds for turning it of or else it will give you a near death experience.


Weird home gadgets are fun and innovative but they seem useless. Some of them can make your life torturous instead of happy and comfortable.

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