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Modular homes offer a wealth of advantages

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Modular home concept gets the furniture, units, and even the house readymade, with just the task of assembling them in your house left. Care is taken that the look and luxury of the furniture is preserved. The speed and variety of benefits that modular homes offer have been contributing to increased popularity to these structures.

Following are the reasons why you should consider modular homes as an option:

Building conditions

The atmosphere of the workshop where the modular furniture and units are manufactured is maintained uniform all across the year. Hence, one need not worry if it’s raining or snowing outside. With these prevalent conditions, you can consider decorating or renovating your house any month of the year. The building materials and standards are never compromised.

Zero wastage

Building furniture or units at individual houses creates a lot of waste material which is then dumped as trash. However, if manufactured in factories or workshops, these waste materials can be recycled or used in the production of some other unit. Hence, it equals to almost zero wastage if we consider modular concept.


Modular homes are manufactured keeping in the mind the condition and the climatic conditions where they are needed to be placed. Moreover, these units are transported from the workshop to the house in trucks at a given speed and road condition. Wouldn’t it be a good alternative and the right test for its strength? Moreover, every modular house is designed keeping in mind the building codes of the house they need to be placed in.


Workshops that produce these modular homes use raw materials in bulk. Moreover, there is zero wastage and easy machine manufacturing. Hence, the manufacturers too do not sell these units at higher costs as compared to the artisans working individually on your project.

Energy efficient

Modular homes are manufactured keeping in mind the low energy consumption during their utilization. They can usually be prepared with insulation, or be placed to best suit the natural location of their setting. Hence, these are well installed to allow less consumption of fuel or electricity.

Less time to build

Since these units are made in workshops, the manufacturer doesn’t have to bother about the climatic conditions outside, as the environment is maintained standard. Machines can be used for several elements, which translates into a lower cost, and higher speed in manufacturing.

Modular homes are not only affordable, but also an excellent choice, especially for small homes. The concept is gaining popularity in many cities where space is a constraint.

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