Easy tips to downsize your home


Having a big house makes you buy loads of things with which you fill the large spaces in your big house. However, loads of stuff that you accumulate turns into a problem if suddenly you need to shift into a smaller place. Shifting from a big space to a small space calls for downsizing. It not only enables you to settle in a small space but also gives you freedom from everyday maintenance and expenditure that you do on the loads of stuff that you needlessly accumulate. Downsizing gives you more of manageable living space and makes you and your home well organized.Dr Prem Jagyasi suggest some tips you can follow in case you are planning to shift from your big house to a condo.

Make a list of all the belongings you cannot part with and thin down on the ones you can do without: It is always hard to say goodbye to things that you had once purchased because you had fallen for them. However, if you follow this tip and note down your dearest belongings and let go of others, probably it will not hurt you much in bidding adieu to the belongings that you did not add in the list. You will forget about the abandoned stuff because of your dearest belongings would still be at your disposal. Make sure you indulge in this process for a minimum of three months prior to your actual shifting date.

Compare room dimensions: The best way to downsize your present belongings so that you get to have a manageable living space in your condo is to actually compare the room dimensions of your present abode with the new one. For instance, you take up your bedroom and compare its size with the bedroom in your new condo. Now consider the furniture and other things your bed room presently have and try to figure out the possibility, as to how much of your belongings can comfortably fit into your new bedroom.

Take up areas with lesser sentimental value: It is much easier to get rid of stuff with which you have lesser amount of sentimental feelings attached. For instance, you can cut short the number of plates and bowls in your kitchen, and some tools like shovels and lawn mowers, in the process of downsizing.

Do not throw anything in the garbage: Believe in recycle and reuse. However, in this case both these terms do not apply, but you can always donate your stuff to needy people instead of throwing it in the garbage. There is always the option of using storage should you choose to go that route.


Shifting from a big house to smaller is a time when you need to get rid of excess baggage and stick to the essentials. Downsizing can be of great help in making your home a well organized place.

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