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Metal-clad modern day homes

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Traditional exteriors usually consisted of stone, cement, wood, and brick. However, in recent years architects found that it takes a great deal of time and a lot more money to build houses with the above mentioned construction materials. Then they tried to incorporate metal into residential exteriors and found out that it works much well in comparison to the traditional exterior materials.

The speed of construction while using this incredible construction material is super good. The cost of construction also comes down while making metal-clad homes, which is in sheer contrast to the traditional construction methods. Moreover, metal-clad buildings are high on flexibility, thus, can be easily expanded and they look extremely beautiful, provided the metal cladding is done properly. You can have a look at these superb metal-clad modern homes designed by various architectural firms in different parts of the world:

Samara Greenwood Architecture

This is an architectural firm based in Melbourne, Australia. The house as you can see is built on a hillside. The architects have incorporated large sheets of ridged metal with rectangular glass windows between thin strips of wood. As a beauty enhancement strategy, the designers have used orange color to paint wood strips.

CR Forma

CR Forma is a building design firm nestled in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The firm specializes in making sustainable structure by bringing into use natural and recycled materials. Like in this lake house situated in the Northeastern part of the state, these designers have used corrugated metal, glass, wood, and gray stone tiles for the exteriors of the house.

Knowles PS

Knowles PS is an architecture and interior design studio, situated in Mercer Island, Seattle. These designers took up the construction project of this house in Washington, and incorporated traditional home construction materials with industrial materials and design elements. They used ridged steel sheets, wooden planks, painted metal posts, and more to give this house an urbane look.

Kimberly Peck

Kimberly Peck is an architect behind this lovely home. This simple yet extremely beautiful black structure in Catskills has been made by utilizing economical and eco-friendly building material. The front wall of the house is made up of sheer corrugated metal and the door has a traditional pattern.

Homecraft Design and Build

It is a design and build firm based in British Columbia, Canada. They designed this fabulous looking painting studio. The exteriors are smartly designed with corrugated steel, wood, and glass windows.


In recent years, the metal use in buildings has increased because metal clad buildings take lesser time to be made and are cost-effective. Moreover, they look beautiful.

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