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How regular home improvement benefits your health

by DrPrem Jagyasi

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Your house affects the health of your family members. A well constructed and improvised home can offer more than one important health benefit. Home improvisation is not necessary just to enhance the décor and make some cosmetic changes inside the house. It is a way of upgrading your homes health quotient. An energy efficient and eco-friendly home is also good for your personal health. You can make your home more health and eco-friendly in many ways.

The part of your home that bears the biggest responsibility of keeping you and your family healthy is the kitchen. That is why you must make improvisations in and around the kitchen. A dilapidated kitchen can rob your desire to cook healthy and homely meals. It is a good idea to change the countertops and add new cabinets for keeping the kitchen utensils. Good cabinets can make your kitchen clutter free. Also, invest in energy efficient kitchen appliances that save both energy and time. This way cooking homely meals will not be a problem anymore and the health of your family will improve.

Another home improvement measure that can offer major health benefits is sealing. Use weather strips or caulk to close the holes and cracks around door and windows. Also get the leaks on floors and around the doors and windows mended carefully. Even the vents can become leaky and need repairing. Sealing the house can enhance the quality of the indoor air and help in keeping asthma patients healthy.

People who are suffering from allergies or have asthma should be careful about the flooring of their home. The wall-to-wall carpet may look elegant but it can be the breeding ground of allergens. Cleaning heavy floor mats or carpets can be troublesome. Dust, mite and mould spores accumulate on top of your beloved carpets. Laminates, wood, tile and concrete are better and healthier alternatives.

You should use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. These fans remove the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water vapor from the kitchen air. It also removes the moisture-laden air from the bathrooms so that moulds and mildew cannot develop in the moist environment. If you are serious about home improvisation then consider creating a special space for exercising. Exercising is crucial for good health so creating a space for it with modern equipments should benefit your entire family.


Home improvisation should focus on enhancing the level of comfort of the residents. Making necessary changes in the kitchen, bathroom and sealing can help you lead better healthy life.

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