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Most Stylish ways to Remodel your Kitchen Island

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Kitchen holds great importance in any house and can be a creative and efficient place to work, provided you design it to best suit your needs. There are numerous ways to remodel your kitchen, especially the kitchen island, to make it more functional and a fun place. This article engulfs some stylish ways for your kitchen island makeover. These would not only make your kitchen more functional but also attractive.Adding a Taller Surface1

Adding a Taller Surface:

One of the most effective ways to enhance your kitchen island is to add a taller surface to its side like a taller table or more preferably a round table that enhances the interiors of your kitchen. You can use this table as a breakfast platform or even as a presentation area to keep fresh fruits and veggies. Adding a few bar tools, matching the design, will surely make your kitchen the best place of your house.

Extra Storage:

Kitchen islands are highly recommended not just because they add beauty to the kitchen but also because they provide extra storage facilities to hide away your accessories and kitchen appliances. Incorporating shelves beneath the kitchen island will help you to store a large number of things from kitchen tools to vases and wine bottles. They also act as a connection between the living room and the kitchen and are more functional.

Mobile Island

Mobile Islands:

In modern day space crammed houses, mobile furniture is highly recommended and this holds true for the kitchen islands too. These movable islands are easy to clean and are space efficient too. At party times with more guests, this can be placed against a wall and can serve as a table to keep coffee, deserts and drinks.

Hanging Shelves:

Hanging shelves are the ultimate storage solutions that can be used to hang pantry or even holds spices and condiments. These shelves can be used to store pots and essential cookware and thus save time required for searching them. A hanging wide shelf above the kitchen island is the ultimate way to decorate your kitchen.

Built-in Seats

Built-in Seats:

Modern day kitchen are multipurpose and can even be used to spend some me time during cooking more prominently in smaller homes. Adopting kitchen islands with built-in seats will save space and will add to the kitchen’s elegance too. These chairs, also available in sliding versions, can be utilized while eating or sipping tea or coffee.

Elevate the Middle:

These days, kitchen islands with a raised centre area are preferred over plain kitchen islands. They look appealing and can be used as a storage place to keep various things in the kitchen.


Following these simple kitchen island makeover tips will completely change the look of your kitchen by making it more beautiful and increasing its visual appeal.

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