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Simple ways to a fabulous bathroom remodel

by DrPrem Jagyasi

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Change is always good, as it brings a new enthusiasm and freshness in the environment. So how about changing some features of your bathroom, how about remodeling it? Remodeling your bathroom is a good option in case you have gotten bored of that old bathroom setting of yours. You need to do some planning and you should have some fantastic ideas in your mind.

The ideas of bathroom remodeling will absolutely depend upon your purpose behind the remodeling, like maybe you want to add some space to your bathroom, want to replace certain fixtures, or probably you find the present setting monotonous. Whatever your purpose is, the solution lies in remodeling.

In order to derive maximum satisfaction out of the bathroom remodeling process, you need to follow some tips.

Plan before you act

It is very easy to take a hammer and break the old fittings; however, before doing so you should first think carefully about what items actually need the hammer, and what can be put to use in its present shape. Moreover, the breaking should start only when you have the replacements in your hand, as the vanity tops, and mosaic tiles on special order take long to get delivered. In such a situation, if you start breaking much before the arrival of the new fixtures, you will be at loss. So, always first plan and then act.

Call a Pro

Designing is something that is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you are unsure as to how and where to fit your new fixtures never hesitate in calling a pro. Not just for the designing, but a pro can easily solve your purpose related to space addition as well. Many people think that hiring a professional goes heavy on their pocket but they fail to realize that they are the ones who save all the wastage that you might have done without their guidance.

Plan for shower storage

Shower storage you use to keep shampoo, body wash, soap, and other things to come handy while you bathe. If you have those old plastic shelves, then just discard them and go for ceramic tile shelves that look stylish and beautiful.

A curved shower rod

A shower rod is an essential of a bathroom. Instead of conventional straight shower rods, go for the curved ones, as they add a good space to your shower area. Moreover, the curved design looks more attractive if compared to the straight ones.

The lighting

Light fixtures updating is an integral part of a bathroom remodeling. You cannot have a new bathroom with old light fixtures. So, do not forget to install new lighting in your bathroom along with other fixtures.


Bathroom remodeling is nice but it can take a toll on your finances. Proper planning is what can save you from huge and unnecessary expense, and give you the delight of a beautiful remodel and a job well done.

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