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Color Blocking – A bold new trend in home décor

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Accent Wall

Color blocking is a major trend in the fashion industry as it is quite capable of capturing the viewer’s attention, and now the trend has ushered in the world of home décor. People use it now to add a touch of modernity to their homes. Color blocking is all about using some bold colors together without giving excessive thought to how well they match with each other. Color blocking does not need colors that match well, as it is all about mixing any and every bold color. Color blocking is done with blocks of bold colors in geometric or random designs. Following are some tips that can help you use this color-blocking theme for your home décor in the best possible way.

Table décor

Choosing color block theme for the entire home is good but it can be expensive as well. To save yourself from too much expense, you can choose particular things and places in the home to display this theme. For instance, you can play with colors on your table, be it a coffee table, a center table, or your dining table. Talking about the dining table, get rid of those similar looking old tablemats and napkins, and choose two or three solid colors for your table décor. This will bring such a pleasant change to the same old dining table, and you and your family will simply love spending a great deal of time over meals.


Another very effective way of a color block décor is to make the accessories stand out from the rest. Keep the wall color mild, and play with colors of the sofas, chairs, couch, curtains, cushions and pillows. You can choose any contrasting colors that you like, or these days you can also get readymade pillow and cushion covers based on color block theme from the market.

Wall Art

You can spice up the plain walls in rooms by doing wall art. You can buy or yourself create wall hangings and photo frames that have solid contrasting colors. You can paint simple geometric shapes on a white background with bold colors, get it framed and hang on the walls.

Accent Wall

This accent wall trend is quite in, wherein you paint just one wall in a bold color and rest of the walls wear some mild color. To make the effect subtle, try to add similar colored chairs, cushions, or a small rug in the room.


Color blocking trend in the home décor gives us freedom from the boredom of traditional color trends and adds a zing to homes décor.

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