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Storage ideas that give a better shape to your bathroom

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Be it a small or a big bathroom, both need effective storage ideas so that every bit of space is used to its maximum propensity and nothing lies out causing clutter everywhere. Following are such effective storage ideas that can make even a small bathroom look spacious.bathroom Wall cabinet

Wall cabinet

A wall cabinet enables you to bring the empty wall space in bathroom to use. Wall hung cabinets serve as a good storage units without interfering the walking space and the counter space in a bathroom.

Industrial bathroom storage

An open cabinet that is ideal to store all your bath oils, shampoos, and creams. It comes with a metal finish that gives your white or a neutral tone bathroom and industrial style.

 Over-the-counter storage

Over-the-counter storage

This type of storage is an inexpensive and more efficient storage that comes over the vanity countertop. It is so convenient that while using the sink, you can take out things you want from the open and closed cabinets of the over-the-counter storage situated at just an arm’s length. You can give this cabinetry a nice outer design and color.

Multiple storage ideas

This multiple storage idea is ideal for big bathrooms. You can take some wooden crates and paint them inside out with bold colors. It is a color-blocking tip that can add a zing to your bathroom décor. After coloring, stick the crates together with glue or nails and place them against a wall or you can also hang individual crates on the wall. Use the crates to store towels, body soaps, sponges, and cotton balls.

Bumped-in storage cabinet

Sometimes the design of walls leave small and shallow spaces in between, which you can use to place bumped-in storage cabinets. They work well to store in a huge amount of toiletries. It is up to you that you leave it open, conceal it, or add glass doors. Use your creativity to make best use of the available shape, and to have the cabinet blend in well with its surroundings.

Tailored bathroom shelving

Tailored bathroom shelving

Tailored bathroom shelves help you manage you small bathroom in the best possible way. Take into consideration the space and the things you desire to store in the shelves, like the open shelves are good to store towels and glass bottles of shampoos, whereas the closed ones are good to store things like toilet papers and other products that you would not like to put on a public display.


Bathrooms need storage, and there are plenty of methods to help you get a customized storage for your bathroom. You could use a classic storage mode, or make customized changes to make the storage suit your needs.

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