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Amazing Wall Covering Solutions to Decorate and Highlight Your Walls

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Painted Mural

Wall decoration ideas play a major role in creating a bold style statement and add personal accent to them. It is also one of the easiest and the most effective ways to enhance the appearance of the entire house. With a plethora of decoration ideas, you can achieve any kind of texture and effect for your walls. Read on to know how you can decorate your walls and make them spring back to life with the help of wallpapers, wall coverings and much more.

Contemporary wall coverings:

Wall coverings and wallpapers can easily transform a dull and uninteresting room into a lively and exciting place. There are innumerable varieties of wallpapers and wall coverings that you can use to drape your walls in the most beautiful way possible. These wall coverings are generally of two main types, printed and vinyl coated paper backed. They are not just durable and high quality but also attractive.

Natural materials:

To create a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, you can use any of the several natural materials like wood, bricks, concrete and stones to create a captivating wall design. On the other hand, natural materials, such as woven grasses, jute and wool, braided hemp and silk, can render the walls a unique texture that is simply alluring.


Tiles are available in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and texture and are the best means to explore and display your imagination and creativity. Contemporary interiors can be best highlighted by the use of latest wall tiles like the mosaic and the glass ones. They are easy to clean and smooth, and can help you create some amazing patterns on the walls.

Illuminated wall and ceiling patterns:

Customized panels made from acrylic or vinyl can be used to create printed images and photographs and look charismatic when combined with LED lighting. It helps you create an illuminated artwork, which is simply fantastic and hard to resist.

Painted Mural:

The best way to add creativity and style to your walls is the use of latest and elegant hand painted mural that really signifies the hottest trend in wall decoration. It does not require you to be a professional or a skilled artist. All it requires is you and your determination to do something amazing. Best recommendation suggests painting one of the background walls with chalkboard paint, so that you could see a new drawing each single day to freshen up your day.


From illuminated wall patterns to hand painted murals, these wall decoration ideas are sure to transform your walls and even you completely.

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