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Attractive Ways to Dress-Up Your Blank Walls

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Pattern on walls

Blank walls are a serious problem to deal with since they can ruin the charm and elegance of even a perfectly decorated house. Decorating the blank walls is not just important but it also requires careful planning and selection of items. Here are some fantastic ways to help you deal with the most boring walls of your house.

Pattern with Platters:

A simple and seemingly useless collection of plane plates can transform your dull and lifeless walls into fresh and energetic ones. All you need to do is paste colorful wallpaper at the centre of each plate and arrange the plates properly onto the walls, and there you are with an attractive wall display to welcome your guests.

Magic of Mirrors:

Mirrors are my favorite decoration item, especially when it comes to wall decoration. They add a charismatic appeal to walls and make the room appear visually larger. A silver chain-link mirror is the perfect pick for a subtle yet stylish wall décor.

Bunch-up the Baskets:

Baskets are the best means to uplift the mood of any house wall. Cluster different baskets of various sizes, shapes and colors, lay them onto the wall and witness an amazing transformation in your home decor.

Nurture Natural Beauty:

When you arrange botanical prints, framed inside wooden frames, in grids, it can spice up a boring wall and make it alive and awesome.

Layering Letters:

In order to create a bold and chic style statement for your walls, layer two or more extra large vintage or modern letters. These letters should slightly overlap each other for a better appeal.

Cuddle the Kitchen:

Why should we ignore the kitchen walls when talking about wall decoration and style? Floating shelves hanging on the walls at an angle make an attractive centerpiece and an elegant display. These shelves, when paired against a contrast colored wall, look eye catching.

Chic Chalkboards:

When it comes to multitasking and wall decoration, walls painted with chalkboard simply strike the mind. These walls can boost up the look of any room and used to note reminders, special dates and messages and display photographs.

Fantasy with Framed Paper:

You can revamp the walls behind the headboards creatively by hanging wallpapers framed within a wooden wall molding.

Butterfly Beauties:

For a nature inspired wall décor, you can paste various cuttings of butterflies published in newspapers, magazines, books and calendars on the walls. This is a good way to add beauty within budget.

Soothing Solution:

After a long and tiring day at work, light colored walls like shades of sky blue, accessorized with several small landscape prints will provide you relaxation and instant relief from stress.

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