Stylishly decorating the walls of your home with glass

glass made photo frame 

Everyone wants his or her home the best. From bedroom to kitchen, everything needs to be perfect. Decorating walls is fun, and allows you to work through a variety of mediums. When talking of glass, it can give your room a pretty look. Use of glass in architecture has many advantages. Its durability, versatility and scratch resistant property are reasons for choosing it. It allows natural light to enter our homes.

Decorative pieces made up of glass are in demand. They give your home a elegant and pretty look.

Glass tree wall sculpture

The tree made of glass and metal decorates walls beautifully. Brown branches of metal, coupled with blue, and grey glass leaves gives the wall an elegant look. This versatile piece will look perfect in living room. It gives you a feel of nature at home. This wall piece is good for wall that is big as it covers much space.

Handmade glass clock

Another item to add to walls is the handmade glass clock. The clock is prepared from wine bottle. Clean the bottle first with hot water, dry it, and insert a u-shaped wire into opening at top of bottle. Heat the bottle in oven and let glass sit. Drill a ten mm hole to place the hands of clock to complete the effect. Hang it on wall and enjoy this masterpiece.

Photo frame

A wall can look beautiful with glass made photo frame. The basic glass frames decorates wall well. It prevents pictures from scratches and dust. So frame your best picture and hang it on wall in living room or bedroom. Some glass frames saves pictures from fading away and ultra violet rays.So it is a useful and attractive item for wall.


Add dimensions and light to your room by hanging glass mirror on your wall. It comes in variety of designs and colors. It comes in round, rectangular, square and many other stylish shapes that add elegance to your walls.

Glass art

If painting is your habit, you can make glass to decorate wall. Just take a plain glass. Paint something creative and fun. Hang this glass art on wall. Similarly, beautiful poster can be decoration item of your wall.


Variety of décor items can add personality to your walls. It may be glass, wood or any other material. When made of glass looks elegant whether it is a hanging item, glass wall, candleholder or paintings.

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