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Innovative audio design concepts that add a beat to your home

by DrPrem Jagyasi

 JBL Control Now Speakers

The earlier home theater systems were all about showing out those gigantic speakers and woofers. The more modern audio systems however, aim at minimalizing the visual aspect of these systems and focus on ways in which they can incorporate the same into other functional elements of the home décor. Accordingly, here are seven innovative audio design concepts that would look great in your home.

Shelf Speakers

Give a kick to design by hiding speakers in the shelves of your home. Or, simply make use of a shelf speaker itself. The shelf speaker concept would do just that by combining a standard CD/DVD shelf with a stereo speaker. This leads to a more functional and space saving audio design concept that can double as both a speaker and a shelf to hold books and CDs.

Lantern Speakers

Sometimes you can incorporate your audio designs into the home décor to create a more unified effect. For example, the Lantern wireless speakers from Xount offers various skins to choose from. While the shape of these speakers resembles cones, they are in fact flat speakers placed inside conical lanterns, meaning you can even light these lanterns.

Glass Speakers

Turn your otherwise boring looking speakers into a statement eyepiece that would grab everyone’s attention. The Harman Kardon GLA 55 Glass Speakers may be just what you are looking for then. Offering great style and sound quality, these glass speakers are crystal clear and diamond-like in appearance. Standard 2.0 speakers fitted into these glass enclosures along with Atlas woofers, bass reflex enclosure and CMMD tweeters to offer a powerful audio experience great for MP3 players and desktop computers.

Conceptual Glass Speakers

The Aura conceptual glass speakers are a stylish addition to your home and impart a wonderful sound quality with the help of resonating glass. The basic design features a cone shaped glass resonating chamber sitting atop a bass speaker. While the cone helps to amplify the sound and project it into the room, the bass speaker helps handle the low end of the audio.

JBL Control Now Speakers

The Control Now Speakers by JBL come with a unique shape that allows them to be installed literally anywhere in the house. The basic shape of the speakers is a quarter round shape, making it extremely easy for these speakers to fit into the tightest of spots, including the corner between two walls, above or below bookshelves and even between the wall and ceiling for optimum sound quality experience.

Art Inspired Canvas Speakers

Sometimes the wish to install large speakers into the wall can get deterred owing to the damage we may potentially cause to the walls in the process. You could have a stylish and functional alternative to these wall mounted speakers. The canvas speakers are high quality speakers that are embedded into art works in such a way that no can decipher where the sound is coming from unless they take a closer look at these art pieces.

The basic idea behind this audio design concept involves ink jetting your favorite custom images of art works onto the speaker covers. Once that is done, the speakers can be mounted on the walls and remain cleverly hidden behind the so called art pieces (aka the speaker covers).

Push Animal Speakers

Sometimes the biggest things come in the smallest packages. Case in point: the plush animal speakers that may look cute, but really dish out a mean sound quality big enough to shake your home. The full range speakers are embedded into the fur coat of these animals. A volume control option lets you enjoy your favorite tracks at just the right amount of sound that you want. These speakers are the best options for those small, hard to reach places which would not support large speakers.


Give the existing audio system in your home an overhaul. Take a cue from these inspiring audio concept designs featuring speakers for some creative ideas.

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