Play with your food, and the table with these stylish puzzle tables

 Round puzzle dining table

Puzzles are natural way to keep mind fit and active. Solving puzzles keeps your mind active, and helps you develop problem-solving skills. When you learn problem-solving skills, you learn to analyze problems in a better way. You also get a chance to know about your skills and abilities.

As puzzles have so many benefits on one’s life, keeping one at your home is a good idea. Puzzle tables are a new way to solve puzzles. With this multipurpose furniture, you just not get a piece of furniture but also a puzzle to solve. Below are some puzzle tables that you can solve at home and utilize your time in doing better things.

Coffee puzzle table

Cube shaped puzzle table looks just like any other wooden cube, but is little different from others when unassembled. For making a complete cube, you need to assemble five pieces in to one. When assembled, it can take any shape that is different from the first one. With different shape each time, it gets a unique and stylish shape every time to decorate your room. When it is hard to wait for cup of coffee, you can engage yourself in solving this puzzle. You can use it as a table and when not, you can solve the puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzle table

In jigsaw puzzle table, wood is precisely cut into jigsaw shape to make it a puzzle. When unassembled, it turns into little stool and on attaching back, it turns into a big table which is actually a table puzzle. While you are bored of studying or doing work, you can play with this puzzle. Besides being a good time pass, it also looks good when place in any room. Having this jigsaw puzzle is thus a good idea to entertain yourself and saving yourself from boredom.

Table inspired by Japanese design

Inspired by the design from Japan, this table has wooden base and glass top. The base is three wooden planks, which one must solve and attach properly before making it a table. With three wooden planks with different cut, you need to assemble these planks attaching one with other. With its beautiful round shaped design and crossed base, it adds quality to the decor of the room. With this table, you are not just solving a puzzle, but knowing about the Japanese trend as well, as they keep their utensils like the base of the table.

Round puzzle dining table

When assembled looks just like a normal round dining table, but creates an amazing table puzzle when unassembled. The table has triangular shaped pieces, which rests inside the top cover of the table. You can pull these triangular pieces and fold the rest of the long wooden pieces. If you feel that the table is quiet big in size, you can make it little small by packing some parts. When you are not eating, you can enjoy solving the puzzle and entertain yourself.

As puzzle tables are a good way to get rid of boredom, you can also train your mind to solve puzzles with it. With these table puzzles, you are not just solving puzzles, but decorating room with unique and stylish tables. If you are thinking of buying a new piece of furniture for your home, puzzle tables can be a good option. With these tables, you get an added advantage when compared to other tables. Making these table puzzle part of your home is thus a great idea to learn while entertaining yourself.

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