Cardboard shoe racks you can build for yourself

 Circular shoe rack

Making things yourself at home is a great idea, as it involves a lot of imagination and creativity. With creative minds, you can turn old thing into something new and creative.

Almost everyone has cardboard boxes at home. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them to make useful and creative things. Making thing with cardboard is easy and simple. Here Dr Prem and community suggest some simple and unique ideas to make shoe racks out of these cardboards.

Circular shoe rack

For making a shoe rack from cardboard, you need to get some long cardboard tubes. Make sure the tubes are strong, long, and wide so that it can bear the weight of your shoes. Place all the tubes at one place and with the help of scissors cut them in the same length. After cutting the tubes, take glue and paste the entire tubes one over the other making a stack of the tubes.

Keep doing the same until it is huge and enough for your shoes. After pasting them together, let it dry for some time until it is hard. Now you can place shoes in each tube. You can make this shoe rack easily at home without much efforts.

Triangular shoe rack

For making this shoe rack, you must have a lot of thick cardboard. A thick cardboard will make a good support for your shoe rack. Start by taking a long length cardboard and score it into three sections. Make sure to make equal section for making a perfect triangular shape.

When you are done making sections, do the same on few more cardboards. Now with the help of duct tape or glue, join all three sides of the cardboard to make it triangular. After making all the triangles, join them and make a three or four layered shoe rack. In the end, place all the shoes in your cool and compact shoe rack.

Easy and simple shoe rack

Out of all the DIY shoe rack, this one is the simplest and easy to make shoe rack. Just take four cardboards and cut it in rectangular. After cutting the cardboards, stick them together with a strong tape and glue. Make two or three floors from the cardboard and cover it with the scotch tape. Make the floors and cover it with some more tape. Make sure you are doing it neatly. After doing it completely place all the shoes on the rack and simple and easy to make shoe rack is ready to use.

Tower shoe rack

For making this shoe rack, you need to have some wood and steel rods. Start by marking and cutting the wood. Cut four pieces of wood and two of them with similar measurements. Now make holes at each end of the wood pieces and attach them with the help of screws. Now take steel rods and cut them into same size. Before attaching them to the wood, make some zigzag holes in wood pieces.

Put all the steel rods in the holes and attach it using nuts. Now place the other piece of the wood on the other end for making it look like a tower. At each floor, attach two steel rods to make the structure strong and firm. Finally, when the tower shoe rack is ready, place all your shoes in this rack. With this shoe rack, you do not have to throw all your shoes in the corner of the room. Moreover, this shoe rack is quite strong that can keep all your shoes at on e place.

Using old things and making something new out of it can help in making a proper use of such things. With cardboards, you can make innovative yet simple things to decorate your home.

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