Decorate your home with Star Wars inspired industrial design elements

Star War book holder

People are so inspired form Star Wars that they have adopted this design in making many other products. While these products are stylish, they will remind you of Star Wars series and serve you as a household product.

Following are some Star Wars inspired household products to add style to home while reminding you of your favorite Star Wars.

Death star door handle

Now that we think about it, the Death Star makes quite an ideal shape for a doorknob. Although the door handle does not look exactly like the Death Star, designer Brenton LaComb took inspiration from the shape and exteriors of the Death Star to craft this handle. Even though the shape is not explicit, one good look can let you know that there are Death Star inspired elements in this design.

Star wars Darth Vader toaster

The toaster is covered in a shiny plastic body with deign inspired by Darth Vader’s helmet. Looking at this toaster, you will feel like it is a helmet. On opening the top, you will see the place for putting in the toast. Yup, that’s what the world has come to. You flip bread into the helmet of Lord Vader. On the plus side, the toast comes stamped with the Star Wars logo, so I guess that’s a fair deal.

Star War book holder

If you are a Star War fan, then you might want to own this book holder. Rich black color and Star War written on it with silver color gives it classy look. Star War book holder is a good option to place your books. Star War book holder is an amazing gadget that not only decorates the home but also reminds you of Star War series.

Light saber chopsticks

People who love to eat Chinese food would love to eat with these light saber chopsticks. Light saber chopsticks come in three different colors, which are red, blue, and green. You could probably frighten a Jedi or two by showing them you’re awesome enough to use lightsabers as chopsticks. On second thought, that is not a good ruse, it’s more like a recipe for an epic ass kicking.

Star Wars headphones

With gorgeous looks and sounds, these headphones have a flavor of Star Wars. Star War headphones feature professionally tuned 40 mm drivers, which provides an incredible clarity when you are listening to your favorite tunes. With these headphones, you will also get a branded soft cloth, which will help in cleaning the headphones better. As the headphone is inspired from Star Wars, you will also get stickers and posters inspired from Star Wars.

Star Wars inspired moon house

With Star Wars inspired home, the childhood fantasies of many people might be fulfilled. While this house has a little weird and indifferent shape, it is inspired from Star Wars. The house has a secret room and rest of the room is beautiful from inside. The architectures have called it by the name Moon Hoon, which is quite different and beautiful from other houses.

Darth Vader hair dryer

Now that we have already defiled Lord Vader by throwing bread slices down his helmet, it probably isn’t a far cry to use his helmet as a hair dryer. The dryer comes in rich black color and has a triangular shape that makes it more stylish. Besides, you could imagine getting your hair dried through the breath of Darth Vader. We’ve yet to decide if that is awesome or creepy.                       

As Star Wars gained popularity all over the world, the products inspired with this design are also gaining popularity with passing time. They have amazing design and look great when you decorate your home with these products.

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